Wild Wednesday!💪🏽

WOD: 5rds

Choose 1

500m row

400m run

2 minutes jump rope

9 Strict Pull-ups (sub: weighted bent rows or odd object rows)

Choose 1

21 KB Swings

21 Abmat Sit-ups

*choose 1 from the cardio and either the swings or abmat. Then complete 5rds

Ex: 500m row

9 pull-ups

21 kb swings

After: 3 Rds (50/35 DBs)

9 SRDL single leg deads (L)

9 SRDL single leg deads (R)

18 Sumo deads (wide stance)

10 Alt DB curls

Warmup: 3rds

1 minute cardio

10 single leg hip extensions

10 ring rows or bent rows

Mobility: Overhead wall, spidey, plank to down dog (5), add

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