This isn’t Taco Tuesday!

Updated: May 12

Strength: DB Chest press 5x20

20 second hollow hold after each

*sub tempo push-ups if you don’t have DBs

4 down 1 up AMAP per Rd

Met Con: 12 amrap

30 DUs/ Jumping Jacks

10 DB snatches (50/35)(5 per)

30 DUs / Jumping Jacks

10 Burpees

*sub odd object ground to overhead or power snatches with barbell

*sub kb swings for dB snatch if you need an option

Warmup: 3rds

30 seconds high knees (in place)

30 seconds jump rope

10 up/downs

5 push-ups

Mobility: chest, overhead wall, spidey, child

Zoom at 7am.

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