It’s easy like Monday morning!

Warmup: 3rds

10 squats

10 squat jumps

10 push-ups

Mobility: couch, chest, overhead wall

Strength: Back squats/HS HOLD

5x20 back squats

After each set complete a max effort hand stand hold. If you are doing this in your house take your shoes off (no lifters).

*use what ever weight you have!

Met con: For Time

50 DUs + 5 strict shoulder presses

50 DUs + 10 strict shoulder presses

50 DUs + 15 strict shoulder presses

50 DUs + 20 strict shoulder presses

50 DUs + 25 strict shoulder presses

*if you have DBs and they are to heavy to strict press go into push presses.

*Sub jumping jacks for DUs if you don’t have a jump rope.

*if you are doing body weight, sub burpees or handstand push-ups for shoulder press.

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