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I command you to grow!

Strength: 5x10

*pull-ups, bent rows (barbell or DBs).

*hit pull-ups if you have that available if not bent rows.


100 bicep curls

100 dips or skull crushers

*everytime you break complete max rep


Warmup: 3rds

10 slow knee to elbows

5 strict burpees

5 walkout push-ups

Mobility: overhead wall, chest, child

After: complete the AB work below.

3 rounds

10 butterfly’s

10 reverse hip thrusts

10 bicycles

10 v-ups

30 sec side bridge per side

30 sec plank

10 opposite arm-leg Superman

10 opposite arm-leg bird dogs

*focus on moving slow and controlled also your breathing!

*if you want video demos let me know!

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Anthony Sattler
Anthony Sattler
Apr 01, 2020

100 bicep curls.... YES please 💪👊 Pow!!!


CrossFit Ardor
CrossFit Ardor
Mar 31, 2020


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