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Body Scuplting:

Warmup: 4rds

15 seconds jogging in place

15 seconds high knees

15 seconds butt kickers

15 seconds jumping jacks

10 squats

5 push-ups

Mobility : chest, adductor, couch, spidey

1 min per side per stretch

Strength: Body Weight

Each exercise will be preformed for 30 seconds with a 10 second transition between exercises. You will rest 1 minute between each rd.

Cycle 1: 4rds



Alt Lunges


Cycle 2: 3rds

Hip Extensions

Planking shoulder taps

Lateral lunge

Odd object Row

Post Mobility: hold each stretch for 2 minutes

Couch, Adductor, child

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Dawn Lataille
Dawn Lataille
Apr 09, 2020

80 squats 72 PUs 80 lunges (40/side) 60 sit-ups 80 hip ext 80 plank (40/side) 64 lat lunges (32/side) 80 rows


Dawn Lataille
Dawn Lataille
Apr 09, 2020

Odd object Metal box of poker chips Should’ve prepared better, needed something heavier

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