Barn Door Lats!

Barn Door Lats:


Option A: 5rds

5 strict pull-ups

10 T2B

Option B: 5rds

5-10 Bent-Over Rows (barbell or DB)

10 T2B (on the floor, brings toes to either barbell or DBs)

Met Con:

Option A: 3rds

25 pull-ups

400m run

35 abmat or kb swings

400m run

Option B: 3rds

25 Odd Object Rows

400m run

35 abmat or kb swings

400m run

Warmup: 3rds

1 min cardio

10 bent over rows

10 knee to elbow

Pull-up prep (only if your doing pull-ups)

5 scap retractions

5 kips

3 strict

3 kipping pull-ups

Mobility: OH wall, lat, child, chest

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