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ARDOR Contest

Hey everyone we are going to run a contest this week. You have until Friday at 11pm to submit your answers. All you have to do to be eligible is answer 3 easy questions. please respond to this blog post! 1.) What do you miss most about Ardor?

2.) What is your favorite CrossFit move?

3.) Whats the first thing you are going to do once this is all over? (Not the gym or work)

*once you have answered you will be put into the drawing for the prize. There will be one winner! *prize: 4pk of Kill Cliff Recovery and a BruMate Hopsulator Slim.

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The 7:00 am thought the same watching the 6:00 am class.


ramzon .
ramzon .
Apr 24, 2020

1. I miss Ardor community, the coaches and my 6 AM cohorts. I miss thinking WTF walking in at 5:50 AM watch the 5 AM class finishing their workout and miss the 7 AM class walking in checking to see if I am alive or receiving CPR..LOL. 2. Deadlifts, my goal is to get to 400 by year end. 3. Going out to dinner with my wife and friends.


1. I miss my 7pm peeps, Saturday partner Wods, Sunday's Striking class & all the coaches!🤗 2. My favorite Crossfit move has to be Clean & Jerk definitely NOT thrusters or OHS!👍 3.The first thing I am going to do when this is over is to visit my 99 year old Grandmother ❤


1. The 5 am group! 2. Front Squats. Cause I could not do them correctly for so long. 3. Going out to dinner with the wife! So she can hug everyone in the restaurant friend or not.


1. I miss my friends and our community, can’t get that working out at home. 2. Snatch 3. Hug my mom and dad for forever.

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