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5K and Mobility

Run a leisurely 5K. This is a light active recovery day. Then complete the stretches below.

Hold each stretch for 2-3 minutes.

Lower body: between each stretch hold a 30 second down dog.

Couch stretch

Spider-Man stretch (hold each side)



Samson (hold one side)

Upper body:

Chest stretch

Overhead wall

Lat stretch (use the door jam)

Tricep stretch

No Zoom Tomorro.

Zoom Saturday at 8am.

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Dawn Lataille
Dawn Lataille
01 may 2020

And after the hot run, Ladies, ponder this....

Me gusta

Dawn Lataille
Dawn Lataille
01 may 2020

I was actually happy it was raining so I didn’t have to go out and run. But then work got stressful and the skies cleared and I was happy I went out. And this is what greeted me at the end of my run…

Me gusta

So glad it stopped raining. And yup a very leisure 3 miles !

Me gusta

01 may 2020

If my 5k Time gets any more leisurely, I’ll be running in reverse.

Me gusta
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