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Repeat: but a good one!

Warmup: 3rds

1 minute cardio (jump rope, jog in place, jumping jacks)

10 push-ups

10 Shoulder taps (plank position)

Mobility: work for 5-10 minutes working on any area that needs help.

Strength: 9x5 tempo strict press (dB,kb,barbell)

3x5: 4 count up down regular 4-1-1

3x5: regular up and 4 sec pause at top down regular 1-4-1

3x5: regular up 4 sec down 1-1-4

This is 9 total sets, 3 sets with the tempo going up, 3 sets with the hold at top, and 3 sets with the tempo on the down.

  • tempo exercises are good to make light DBs feel heavier.

  • When it says 4 count up, you will move slowly counting to 4 then come right down. When the 4 sec pause is at the top, you will go up normally and count to 4 at full extension at the top and then come straight down.

Met Con: For Time (as fast as possible)

10 – 20 – 30

Push press (dB,barbell,kb)

Burpees (hands over head on jump)

10 of each, 20 of each, 30 of each, done!

After: 100 sit-ups (any kind you want)

Ex: abmat, v-ups, reverse crunches

If you don’t have weight your strength is below.

Strength: 9x10 tempo push-ups

3x10: 4 count up down regular 4-1-1

3x10: regular up and 4 sec pause at top down regular 1-4-1

3x10: regular up 4 sec down 1-1-4

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