We will be at the gym from 4-6 tonight And 9-11 tomorrow morning. Or until equipment runs out.

This will be on a first come first serve basis. You must have a current membership and credit card on file. You have access to 1 of 2 options

1: barbell and 2 sets of plates (ex: 2-10s and 2-25s)

clips also.

2: KB and pair of DBs (ex: 1-35lb kb and a pair of 25lb DBs)

Cardio equipment will have a $150 fee for rental. If you are getting cardio I ask that you pick it up tomorrow. When the weather is better.

You are fully responsible for this equipment. If it is not returned as it left the building you will be charged to replace it. Thank you for understanding. Don’t forget to load up on protein or preworkout. You can grab some kill cliffs and recovery water also!


CrossFit Ardor

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