Our Commitment

 We are dedicated to leading and coaching an amazing WOD each and every time you join us. Please participate and communicate your experiences to us. We value your experience.

We are passionate about fitness, our family and being healthy. Our garage seemed like the best way to start our business so that we can stay close to home and be with our boys and their schedules, while sharing the valuable knowledge that we have. Our devoted and STRONG members have built our business so that we are able to move on to a larger location!! Thank you! CrossFit is a community that developes in each box as members reach goals and accomplishments and become friends with fellow members. Working with people that are trying SO hard, is contagious. The feeling of accomplishment is propelling and rewarding. We want our CrossFit family to have that experience and want them to  share that wealth within their lives. We are all excited for a new space so that we can continue to build and nurture our communities!

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to promote getting fit, having fun and creating a community that encourages accomplishments. CrossFit is a fun way to get active and stay healthy.

Our mission


CrossFit is high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements. CrossFit is for anyone and everyone. The degree of skill ranges depending upon the athlete's level of fitness. The same workouts are prescribed for the elderly individual with heart disease as those athletes preparing for competition.

In the beginning, our backyard woods in Brimfield, felt like the perfect place to set up shop. We started by opening our garage doors and sharing our knowledge of fitness to our community. Since then we have outgrown our garage space and moved to The Allen Block, in Palmer. The building is a perfect fit for us. There is ample space for members to work while whether it is on mobility, olympic lifting or speed and agility.  

Our Story